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& Development
Our laboratory is a place to design, develop, and test products and prototypes. Qua ified team of experts and engineers is responsible for constant improvement and development of our solutions.


• Integrating spehere with 1,5m in diameter and 48 mm in diameter for single
diode measurements
• Optical spectrometer with measurement spectrum from 200 up to 1050 nm
• Fast photometer for flicker measurement
• Professional, laboratory software for spectral data analysis


• Thermographic camera
• 8 channel temperature data logger
• Vortex tube
• Software for data analysing, reporting and comparing measurements


• Laboratory DC power adapters 300 VA, 0 – 300 V, 45 – 500 Hz
• Laboratory AC power adapters 0 – 60 V
• Laboratory power meter with harmonic currents measurement
• Laboratory multimeters
• Oscilloscope with 4 analog channels, 500 MHz bandwidth and power
analysis software

Equipped with an automatic data acquisition system, our laboratory allows us to measure parameters coming from all three measurement stations at the same time. Because of that, we can research correlations between photometric, thermal, and electrical parameters.